Who we are?


How do we work and who are we?

Our work is founded on values that we follow in everything we do. We make sure that everything we do is done responsibly and with constant development and inclusion in mind.

Our values:


Our management is based on knowledge, and our processes are finely trimmed. Our decision-making is based on scientific information and information collected through our feedback system. We examine and reflect all aspects of matters. We manage our cooperation relationships and partnerships carefully. We select our partners according to carefully contemplated principles. Responsibility can be seen throughout our entire organization in management, operations, customer management, and the will to ensure the skills of every training participant in a real situation. Our entire organization understands the quality objectives we have set and strives toward them. The policies are the same for all employees and instructors. In this way, quality enhances and it can be monitored smoothly, as everyone operates along the same guidelines, methods, and rules.

Constant development

Our development is constant. We constantly enhance our operations through a carefully planned feedback system. We develop our every course and every process to become better and better. We trust information based on science and development and want to be an evolving company in our field, always one step ahead. We develop new ways to organize training and develop skills based on the principle of sustainable development.


Our work is based on true cooperation and constant interaction with our customers, personnel, instructors, and partners. We constantly engage participants of our training and their instructors alike in joint planning and discussion. People’s full participation is a key feature inbuilt in our policy. Our success is based on understanding our customers. All of our partners form a team that takes us toward better skills and a safer working life.

Our experts

We operate together with our broad network of instructors and develop courses that suit your needs and schedule. Our instructors are qualified professionals and excellent and practical training experts.

The Pedagogical Director in charge of our training is Tuomo Tenhunen. Tuomo makes sure all of our courses well-planned from a pedagogical point of view.

Our Board of Experts is responsible for and ensures that our training is of good quality and that it is constantly developed. Members of the Board of Experts are Tuuli Tarukannel, Ulla Tirronen, Esa Kataisto, and Tuomo Tenhunen.

Our personnel and instructors make sure that the practical arrangements and contents of the training are successful.

Tuomo Tenhunen

Tuomo Tenhunen

Pedagogical Director, Principal

Esa Kataisto

Esa Kataisto

Arctic Polar Code Training Course

Ulla Tirronen

Ulla Tirronen


Henri Yli-Salomäki

Henri Yli-Salomäki

Training manager

Key responsibilities

We invest in constantly enhancing our quality

Our quality management system ensures that the operation of our partners, personnel and operating environment has been taken into account in everything we do.

The quality management system goes through the organization with redrafted documents, the implementation and monitoring of which is inbuilt in our organization and work. Our processes are described in detail and responsibilities are clear. Whenever it is meaningful and possible, we also try to measure our work.

In charge of   preparing the curriculum, training plans, process descriptions, preparing the feedback system

In charge of  training planning, following the process, collecting feedback according to the feedback system
In charge of   writing and approving the necessary documents, adequate resources and decisions, strategic development and guidelines

You can trust the quality of our training because….

...we promote safety in all our activities – in training, at work, and in real situations;

…we constantly develop our quality management system so that we are at the top of the industry;

…we constantly enhance our work based on customer feedback;

…we plan and develop our course and teaching programmes together with our customers.