Hallintoakatemia was established in 2015 to provide training and assistance to Finnish municipalities.

Suomen Videokoulutus Oy has – parallel to Hallintoakatemia – now registered, a second business unit for branching out to provide business sector and Finnish municipalities new kind of trainings.

This new business unit, the Academy of Professional Safety, provides security and safety trainings to companies, municipalities and other organizations.

By completing these trainings, the management will be able to make sure that their organization’s expertise in safety is enhanced to cover challenging situations that might occur during any working day.

The importance of safety is emphasized in our work, working conditions, and even in social interaction and communication. The feeling of safety is an important factor for every employee and the whole organization. In many areas, security related training is also a statutory obligation.

Our management has also been reorganized and Tuuli Tarukannel has been appointed as the CEO of the company. Esa Kataisto has been elected to be a new member of the board and Ulla Tirronen has been elected as the Chairperson of the board. Tuuli Tarukannel continues in the board of the company as well. Furthermore, Esa Kataisto has also become a shareholder of the enterprise.

Ulla Tirronen explains about the company’s new activities: “We continue to provide training in different cities and via online courses. We organize security related courses in authentic conditions or on the customers’ premises. Academy of Professional Safety will organize several types of risk and threat aversion as well as safety related trainings. Quality in our operations and trainings is vital and we are currently being certified.”

According to Tuuli Tarukannel, new business territory and arrangements will ensure improved overall training facilities and contribute to the opportunity to develop products, quality and the company’s video training platform. “Our goal is to develop safe working environments, from the small details of administration to the safety of every employee.” Esa Kataisto sees that “New business provides important solutions for customers both in Finland and abroad.”

Further information on our activities can be found at: www.hallintoakatemia.fi

Contact information for Academy of Professional Safety:
esa.kataisto@professionalsafety.fi – Telephone: +358 40 596 9138